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Student Awards 

The Student Awards Night is to celebrate the hard work of our students throughout the year!

At Our Bright Future, our dedicated staff and educators tirelessly craft rigorous curricula for our students. Whether it's our Robotics program or our innovative 3D Printing design program, our students consistently rise to the occasion.

This is made possible by our unique program model, which encourages our students to embrace failure as a vital part of the learning process. In this nurturing environment, our students are free to explore their ideas without fear of making mistakes, fostering a culture of fearless creativity and growth.

$10 (Adults)
Children under the age of 18 are free!

Point Breeze 
114 Point Breeze Rd, Webster, MA 01570

Spaghetti Dinner

Student Awards Night

By filling out this form, you are RSVP-ing to Our Bright Future's Student Awards Night

 Dinner at Point Breeze Restaurant. 

Dinner Tickets are $10 for Adults

(Kids under 18 eat free)

Purchase tickets at checkout (after filling out the form)

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