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     Our Super Sports Program offers a variety of sports each session such as soccer, basketball, flag football, dodge ball, Volleyball, and kickball. The program includes proper stretching and warm-up games as well as teaching the basic skills of each sport. Each class ends with a high-energy game of the sport focused on that day. Kids get bored easily playing the same sports every day. Our Bright Future provides a non-traditional style of games and competitions that help our students develop new skills and techniques. Our goal is to teach teamwork, respect for one another and most importantly, have fun.

     Our soccer program will teach the fundamental skills of dribbling, trapping, shooting and passing by teaching them in a very nontraditional and energetic way. Not only will the students learn the rules and positions of one of the most popular games in the world but they will have the chance to scrimmage each other as well as having shootouts, breakaways, 1 V 1s, etc…

     Our basketball program will help increase the student’s confidence in passing, shooting and dribbling skills so when it’s time to make that game-winning shot they are ready. They will also learn the proper techniques of playing defense, rebounding and boxing out. Besides playing scrimmages, the students will also play games such as knock out, dribbling relay race, and teamwork.

     For Flag Football, Our Bright Future will teach everyone game strategies, catching techniques and most importantly how to work together as a team. The students will be able to participate in different situational games such as Red Zone Defense, fourth and inches and the QB challenge as they learn the importance of fair play. Each class will end with a simulated game broken down into 4 quarters.

     The basics of Volleyball are the main focus of this program. The students will learn how to serve, receive, pass, block, set and every kid's favorite, spiking. Learning the fundamentals are the most important things in each student’s development.

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     Just an old school playground kickball game. Our students learn how to run bases, rules of baseball and most of all, have fun. It is a high intensity, quick thinking game that brings out the competitiveness of our students.

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