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     Our Bright Future Inc. uses LEGO MINDSTORM Core EV3 kits for students. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Software focuses primarily on engineering, technology, and computer science. However, it also provides an opportunity to integrate cross-curricular activities, such as science and mathematics, when students complete the challenges.

     The engaging and motivating nature of the EV3 Software enables students to construct and program, as well as provide them with the scope to experiment, without prior knowledge or experience around programming or building. The hands-on Challenge approach, which provides a simple method of observing a robot’s ability or failure to complete a task is an effective way of challenging a student’s problem- solving skills and integrating student and teacher assessment tools.


     When students have difficulty completing a challenge using their robot, they are motivated to improve their design or program in order to see something that they have built themselves succeed; this is a self-reinforcing process.

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