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Our Mission

     Our Bright Future is a 501(c)3 organization that was established on October 27th, 2016.  Our mission is to empower youth and develop bright leaders through robotics, 3D printing, sports training, and guidance in academics. We incorporate core values such as education, empowerment, discipline, leadership, diversity, and respect into our daily programs to help students shape futures into bright ones. 

     In our Academic program, students have the opportunity to finish all homework, projects, and to study for any upcoming exams. Students are assisted by volunteers from local high schools, colleges, and trained staff. When students are done fulfilling their academic needs, they are divided into groups to participate in activities such as robotics, sports, and arts and crafts. With a recent partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, we are excited to add Mentorship.

     In our Sports program, our coaches teach students each sport by having students perform different technical drills, fun group games, and scrimmages. students also have an opportunity to develop individual skills along with fun team-building drills with peers.

     The Robotics program provides youth with the opportunity to learn through the scientific method by a fun, hands-on experience, and an invaluable opportunity not often experienced in the school environment. The students we support through OBF utilize their critical thinking skills and creativity when learning to plan and create their inventions. In our Robotics program, we have measured success in the past two years by observing the overall improvement of students' grades in Math and Science. As shown in the chart below, students improved from C's in the first trimester to B's in the second trimester and A's in the final trimester in both subjects. This is an amazing achievement that shows the impact that the Robotics program is providing for these students.

This is my Bright Future! This is your Bright Future! This is Our Bright Future!

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